Limited to just 299 units, this limited-edition Mercedes-AMG stroller will haul your little one in style and comfort

If you want your kids to follow in your footsteps and develop a deep and lasting love for cars, you’ve got to start them young. All you need is this super-cool stroller that proudly boasts its Mercedes-AMG branding. That’s right, a Mercedes stroller to match your fire-breathing AMG parked inside the garage. Developed in collaboration with German company Hartan, the Mercedes-AMG stroller has been around for a while and we’ve seen several iterations of it over the last few years. However, the German automaker has now released a limited-edition model inspired by the AMG GT four-door coupe. Limited to just 299 examples, the AMG GT stroller features a vibrant color scheme to distinguish it from the standard versions that are offered in black and silver.

The most noticeable part of the limited-edition stroller is its colorful canopy that is made out of jacquard fabric and features an AMG pattern and a bright red-and-black color combination, matching the premium folding bag that comes with it. The handle is wrapped in premium black leather with red stitching. Furthermore, the company has used Dinamica microfiber upholstery for the seat inlay, which can also be found in the actual AMG GT. Furthermore, the stroller is also fitted with a cool set of AMG cross-spoke rims, similar to what you would see on an AMG GT.

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The AMG branding makes an appearance on both sides of the aluminum frame along with on the folding pocket. Everything else is near identical to the standard version that features lockable, swiveling wheels with suspension, a five-point harness with magnetic closures, and reflectors on the height-adjustable handle. The limited-edition Mercedes-AMG stroller will be available for sale in Europe starting in July 2022. The pricing is yet to be announced, but the standard is on sale for €1,100 (around $1,200). Alternatively, you can also have a look at Bentley’s 6-in-1 stroller trike that’s available for $600.

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