G-Wagen, the toughest SUV from Mercedes can now be transformed into a full fledged camper

I can come up with a big list of reasons why I think the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagen is the ultimate all-terrain vehicle money can buy. Under the retro yet beautifully designed body is a car that not only scores top marks on luxury quotient but also can handle pretty much any terrain. It can very well be called the vehicle for all occasions. But, can it be used as a camper? How about if I tell you that the answer to the question is yes, and a small kit can transform the luxury 4×4 into a fully functional camper. The G-Box by Ququq can turn the iconic Mercedes G-Class into a two-person camper in just two minutes.

The G-Box is a combination of a compact kitchen and a small bed that slots into the cargo bay of a G-Wagen. The camper kit’s kitchen section features a large wood-and-aluminum box containing a two-burner gas stove with wind blocker, and a set of large water bottles and stainless steel bowls that creates a simple, gravity-powered sink. The box along with the kitchen box weighs 80 pounds while the 77 x 50 inch cold foam mattress adds another 55 pounds to the kit. The mattress is deployed when the rear seat is folded down. The QUQUQ B-Box for the Mercedes-Benz G-Class is currently available in Europe for a price of €2,590 ($2,900).

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