Mercedes has announced Mythos sub-brand with ultra-low-volume cars for the brand’s most-dedicated enthusiast customers

Mercedes-Benz has announced its plans to introduce a new ultra-luxurious sub-brand called Mythos Series that’ll be placed above the already opulent Maybach line-up in the automaker’s product hierarchy. The Mythos Series range will include only ultra-low-volume models that “will be made available exclusively to the most dedicated enthusiasts and collectors of Mercedes-Benz,” the German automaker said in a statement. The announcement was made during the Economics of Desire strategy update by Mercedes along with teasing the first car that’ll probably wear the badge. Although Mercedes hasn’t revealed any information on it, the first Mythos model appears to be an open-top speedster based on the Mercedes-AMG SL.

Most luxury companies build their portfolio on the basis of one or two true icons. Mercedes-Benz has the good fortune to have multiple iconic products and brands at the upper end of its portfolio, such as the S-Class, the SL, the G-Class, as well as the AMG and Maybach brands,” Mercedes CEO Ola Källenius has said. “We see great potential here to expand our top-end portfolio with even more fascinating products for our customers.”

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The announcement comes hot on the heels of the Haute Voiture concept that was revealed last week. Based on the S-Class, the most opulent version of the range-topping sedan is inspired by tailored high-end fashion. Although it’s a concept model for the time being, Mercedes has said that a limited-run production variant will arrive in early 2023. We are not sure if that will be slapped with the Mythos Series. With the latest announcements, Mercedes is clearly planning to upmarket and lock horns with Rolls-Royce and Bentley. The German marque has also revealed that around 75% of its overall investment will go into the development and production of these top-end luxury vehicles.

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