Believe it or not – This beautiful Mercedes-Maybach S560 is actually an E-Class long-wheelbase model fitted with a $1,500 Chinese body kit

The homogeneity of car design across the entire line-up adopted by automakers these days makes it almost impossible to differentiate between different models, especially in the case of Mercedes-Benz. One has to look really closely at subtle styling elements, including badges and wheel design, to identify a model. However, this opens up a great opportunity for customization shops to sell body kits that visually transform a lower-spec model into a flagship. An Instagram page by the name of Automobili Ardent recently spotted a Mercedes in India which might look like a 2019 Mercedes-Maybach S560 to the untrained eye. It’s only when you look very closely and notice its proportions do you realize that’s something’s amiss. What you see here in the pictures is not a Maybach but a Mercedes-Benz E-Class long-wheelbase version with a Chinese body kit, and we must admit that it did fool us for a few seconds.

2019 Mercedes-Maybach Sedan (Euro spec)

These aftermarket Maybach kits include everything from the front grille to all the chrome parts and badges. Compatible with the pre-facelifted E-Class models sold between 2016 and 2020, the Maybach kit can be easily found on Chinese e-commerce Alibaba for as little as $1000. That’s hardly anything for a kit that can transform a $100,000 car into a flagship luxury limo, at least from the outside. The front grille, hilariously, even replicates the radar emitter block to look convincing. The E-Class here in the pictures features some extra bits to look like an exact copy. The Merc not only sports a two-tone exterior which is offered as an optional extra on the Maybach but also is fitted with Maybach-specific monoblock wheels and headlights from the S-Class.

[Via: Carscoops]

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