The upcoming fifth-generation Mercedes-Benz E-Class will have a gigantic Superscreen with a built-in selfie camera and TikTok

Mercedes-Benz has revealed the first set of interior pictures of the upcoming fifth-generation E-Class which is scheduled to arrive at European dealers this summer and at the US dealers in the third quarter. Touted as the most technically advanced version of Merc’s best-selling model, the 2024 E-Class features a familiar layout and cabin design that’s in sync with the German automaker’s latest design language. However, there’s one giant feature that’s completely new and is slated to become one of the highlights of the model range. It’s the Superscreen, which looks very similar to Merc’s gigantic Hyperscreen that debuted on the MQS flagship EV. In fact, it is a slightly watered-down version of the Hyperscreen and is packed full of interesting and advanced features.

As far as the overall design goes, the Superscreen looks almost identical to the Hyperscreen except for a few distinct differences. The Hyperscreen is made of three large displays with all of them integrated into one massive unit and placed underneath a gigantic glass panel. On the other hand, the Superscreen consists of one central display supplemented by another large passenger-facing screen integrated into one unit. The digital gauge cluster in the Superscreen remains a standalone unit. A slim strip housing the air vents curves around the top of the screen, while a bunch of touch-capacitive buttons sits right below the center display.

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Mercedes has revealed some very interesting details about the Superscreen. It will feature the manufacturer’s latest MBUX infotainment system and will be powered by a central computer with a single processor, unlike the outgoing model which gets multiple processors to support different functions. It will also have a built-in selfie camera for Webex and Zoom. However, that’s not all. The giant Superscreen will also come baked in with some pre-installed apps, including the TikTok social app and some games like Angry Birds. An optional ZYNC entertainment portal will provide access to video streaming, games, news, and additional on-demand content. Other details include a new Active Ambient Lighting system and a Burmester surround sound system with 17 speakers and four sound transducers. The exterior design, pricing, and engine options are expected to be revealed when the model officially debuts a few months later.

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