Mercedes-Benz Sprinter Grand Edition renders high-tech luxury on wheels

Waiting in traffic for long hours is not as enjoyable as sitting on a long flight somewhere across the seven seas. Mercedes-Benz Manhattan has snapped an idea of perfect luxury on the roads with its exclusive Sprinter Grand Edition range. As the name goes, it sprints you about, jet-style! The vehicle consists of everything that defines luxury and comfort and, of course, utter pampering! It has DVD players, a pair of 32-inch flat-panel televisions, sofa bed, premium leather deluxe captains chairs with heating and massage functions, and power leg lifts, refrigerator, iPod hook up, video game prep, hands-free intercom, 30,000-BTU HVAC system, satellite radio, and wireless internet alongside a host of other extremely chic features!

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And at a price tagged at $190,000, why own a home!

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