Video – Frustrated with poor service man destroys his $200k Mercedes S63 AMG with a golf club

There are some things that simply anger you and then there’s this, a video of a man beating the life out of his Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG. From what we’ve heard, the German automaker’s terrible customer service managed to infuriate this South Korean man so much, that he decided to park the beautiful black car in front of the store, pick up a golf club, and damage nearly every surface of the car. According to reports, the man was upset because the Mercedes-Benz dealer simply refused to pickup and replace the car. So here’s the dilemma; are we to feel sorry for this obviously-rich man or for the car?

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The video made us cringe, watching the man use the golf club to shatter the car’s windows, the windshield, the lights and dent every surface he can find. The damage done to the car made us wonder if this vehicle will be sent to the scrap-yard. While there has been no official statement from Mercedes-Benz in regards to this, it’s simply upsetting to watch a car like this being beaten to pulp. Hopefully, the dealer has learned a lesson from this act of rage and destruction. We couldn’t help marvelling at the strength of the golf club though.

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Update – Mercedes Korea is issuing recalls to fix the S63 AMG sedan. Apparently a defect in the Electronic control unit causes the engine to turn itself off and the car to stall when decelerating. However Mercedes says the action was voluntary and not a result of the above incident.

[Via – Youtube]