The Morgan x Pininfarina Midsummer is a $200,000 BMW-powered, retro roadster with hand-beaten body panels that can take over 250 hours to create

It’s the dream collaboration that car fans have been waiting for — British sports car maker Morgan and Italian coachbuilder Pininfarina coming together to create a timeless piece of automotive art. The Morgan Midsummer, co-created with Pininfarina, is based on the Morgan Plus Six roadster, but with bespoke bodywork and higher levels of craftmanship.

Considering it’s a limited-edition Morgan, it comes as no surprise that each aluminum body panel on the Midsummer roadster is hand-beaten — the entire barchetta can take up to 250 hours for its bodywork to be complete. Equally unsurprisingly, only 50 units of the Morgan Midsummer will be produced, each retailing for around $200,000 depending on final specification. Each unit has already been accounted for.

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While the significantly cheaper Morgan Plus Six isn’t offered for sale in the US, the Morgan Midsummer may also likely face issues considering it lacks a windscreen and won’t likely pass federal approval laws. Despite this, Morgan says American
customers have purchased the Midsummer for use in their home country of residence. That’s a shame, considering the motorboat-style teak paneling in the interiors and doors of the stylish new roadster. These laminated layers of teak, of which just the dashboard features 126 sections, can add 30 hours of build time to each Midsummer barchetta.

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Under the bespoke bodywork and teak-paneling, the Midsummer is identical to the Morgan Plus Six. Power comes courtesy a 3.0-liter, BMW-sourced six-cylinder engine mated to an 8-speed automatic. Unfortunately, Morgan hasn’t yet figured out how to replace the BMW-drivetrain’s modern gear shifter with a more period-correct unit. It’s but a tiny oversight on an otherwise stunning barchetta that 50 lucky customers will no doubt cherish once deliveries begin later this year.

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