MotoPOD LLC allows Small Aircrafts to carry motorcycles

For a very long time, pilots have frequently had trouble reaching their destinations since small airports lack dependable ground transportation services. MotoPOD conceived a new idea for providing pilots with a door to door transportation service. It announced that it has started production of its patent-pending cargo pods, which allows pilots to carry a street-legal motorcycle beneath light airplanes. It takes just about 3-5 minutes for removing the motorcycle, unfolding the handlebars and riding off, after landing. The cargo pods will now come with new features, one of which is a removable cradle, which holds the motorcycle securely during flight.

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The company currently produces pods for the Van’s RV-10 and is planning installations for Cirrus SR-22, Cessna 182 and other common airplanes. The introductory price for the pods is $8,000 and that for the motor cycle is $10,000.
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