YouTuber MrBeast destroys a Lamborghini Gallardo to thousands of pieces by feeding it to the world’s biggest shredder

Via Youtube / @MrBeast

This whole game of YouTubers versus supercars in the never-ending pursuit of more subscribers, likes, and ad revenue is getting really ridiculous now. Over the last few years we’ve seen influencers drop a G-Wagen from a chopper, burn down a Mercedes-AMG GT63S to crisp, drive a Taycan through a glass wall, jump Lamborghinis over ramps, and many more such stupid stunts. Recently, a popular American YouTuber uploaded a series of videos of him abusing a $400,000 Ferrari F8 Tributo just to rile up the iconic Italian brand. The newest to jump on the bandwagon is famous YouTube celebrity MrBeast, also known as James Stephen Donaldson, who decided to destroy not one but two Lamborghinis for his latest video.

Uploaded a few days back, the frenetic video is a compilation of some over-the-top stunts that involve a lot of destruction and blowing up of things. Amongst the rest of the shenanigans, the ones that made us notice the video include a pair of Lamborghini supercars that were selected as the sacrificial goats to achieve more online traction. In the first stunt, MrBeast attempts to destroy a Lamborghini with a trio of tanks. However, the content creator gives the owner of the Lamborghini Gallardo his credit card and 48 hours to construct a defensive structure around his supercar to protect it from tank rounds.

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Via Youtube / @MrBeast

The Lamborghini owner, a person named Adam, builds a protective structure consisting of three different layers of shields. It consists of a pair of sand-filled cinder block walls, a stack of cars, and three inflatable pools filled with water. Obviously, those are not quite enough to stop tank rounds from close distance. The YouTuber, along with his friends, rain artillery fire from all three tanks on the blue-colored Lamborghini hiding behind the structure. However, the protective layers prove to be effective as most of the rounds end up getting deflected away from the Italian supercar. Thankfully, the Gallardo is only covered in dust by the end of the stunt, pretty much unscathed by the tank fire.

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Via Youtube / @MrBeast

While one of the Lamborghinis manages the escape the eminent destruction, the other one is pretty much destined to be destroyed as the stunt involves the supercar being dropped into the world’s biggest shredder. After shredding several random things, the YouTuber and his friends push a red Lamborghini Gallardo with a rear wing into the shredder. While the tires make the job a little difficult, eventually the Gallardo is pushed into the grinding teeth of the machine, instantly shredding it into pieces. But as the car is eaten by the shredder, we notice that the engine bay is missing the mighty V10 engine. The YouTuber also confirms after the stunt that they destroyed a decommissioned Gallardo rather than an actual working supercar. Phew!

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