Named after the god of wind, Oceanco’s breathtaking 430-foot concept Aeolus, unveiled at the Dubai International Boat Show

Oceanco has made its presence felt at the Dubai International Boat Show with a mammoth 430-foot concept called Aeolus. The eco-focused yacht is aptly named after the Greek god of wind, with unique curves and fluid lines enabling a future-proofed pathway to net zero. Aeolus’s eye-catching exteriors are done by Giles Taylor, while the interiors are penned by Njord by Bergman Design House. “Aeolus’s design sculpture is harmonious and borne of the function and flow envisaged for her future owner. Her curves do not make her overly feminine because there is a masculine quality to her bold, forthright architecture. Apart from the deck surfaces themselves, not one surface is flat or brutally geometric, which provides a unique aesthetic that sets Aeolus apart,” expressed Taylor.

Three-decker Aeolus flaunts a massive buttress forward, a captivating private owner’s suite on her top deck (replete with a stunning sunken bath and a private seating nook), and an integrated pool and lounging area on the main deck. A beam of 60 feet and a gross tonnage of 6,200 makes space for plenty of multi-functional areas. Some attractive pod-like spaces dot the decks and are ideal for lounging or enjoying sweeping views through large glass windows. The open decks also offer uninterrupted vistas while the bow hosts a helipad.

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Pumping life into Oceanco’s NXT initiative, the ship is crafted entirely from sustainable and traceable materials, including biomaterials. The yacht offers four guest cabins and a VIP suite adjacent to the gym and atrium, making amenities accessible for the guests without gallivanting throughout the boat. “Every element has been rigorously considered, including sourcing and traceability of materials and working with some of the world’s most innovative artisans in biomaterials and sustainable development such as Desserto, a premium vegan leather alternative that is made from climate-positive cactus plants and Oliveri Homes, which exclusively works with Global Organic Textile Standard cottons and uses non-toxic processes and dyes to create its materials,” explained Sarah Colbon, Co-founder of Njord.

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Unlike most ships today, Aeolus is already sailing in the future thanks to her technical partners ABB & MTU, Oceanco, and Lateral have developed the Energy Transition Platform (ETP), an adaptable architecture to enable a future-proofed pathway to net zero. “Any yacht built today will have to span the energy transition, a period of significant change in available fuel types and associated technologies. This demands an adaptable technical architecture that can accommodate the alterations to layout, configuration and specifications needed to integrate future technologies and alternative fuels in the least invasive way possible. Lateral and Oceanco have developed the ETP to ensure multiple technical pathways can be pursued as technologies mature during the energy transition timeline,” concluded James Roy of Lateral.

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