Not anything like your typical private jet – Complete with full-wall LED screens, live plants, and a ceiling designed to mimic a flowing river this $100 million jumbo jet is more like a luxury spa with wings and it is perfect for a wellness-loving billionaire.

A spa embodies the phrase,’ Heaven on Earth.’ Greenpoint Technologies of Bothell, Wash., has taken heaven back to the skies with their insane concept created for a Boeing Business Jet Max 8. The BBJ MAX 8 interior, dubbed Retreat is a haven of relaxation for a distinguished world traveler. The fantastic concept that recreates the feeling of a luxury spa is a finalist in the Society of British & International Design Awards and recently won an International Yacht & Aviation award. Biophilia is the main inspiration behind the serene space of the skies.

“Retreat is an original Greenpoint Design interior, and this award showcases the immense talent of our entire team,” said Annika Svore Wicklund, Greenpoint’s design director. “Together, we achieved a timeless, elegant interior equipped with progressive technologies and luxuries inspired by a world-class spa retreat.”

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Noteworthy Retreat features include a primary suite encased in gradient, opaque glass walls, oversized, outboard-facing OLED monitors displaying videos of the destination. The panel system’s high-gloss metallic finish on the cabin ceiling is reminiscent of a glistening river. While pod-like swivel chairs lend a more futuristic feeling to this space, there are several natural additions like live plants and internally lit terrariums to balance the biological milieu. Boeing Business Jets are excellent airliners with luxurious configurations, including a master bedroom, a washroom with showers, a conference/dining area, and a living area. In the case of this BBJ Max 8, it is a lavish spa that would give 5-star resorts a run for their money.

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