Sanctioned billionaire Alexei Mordoshov just took his $500 million megayacht Nord on a 1336-mile journey from the sun-kissed islands of Maldives to Seychelles

Nord in the Seychelles in 2022. Image - Instagram / Mr Prea

The Nord is back! After a whirlwind trip in the last year, Alexei Mordashov seems to be in the mood to be away from the frigid Russian winters and soak up some sun. Life has undoubtedly come full circle for this $500 million megayacht that journeyed from Maldives to Vladivostok around the same time in 2022. Nord spent winters in the Maldives and Seychelles in March 2022. It left Seychelles to head toward Sri Lanka and finally docked at Vladivostok on April 11.

Via Youtube / @Gibraltar Yachting

The 464 feet vessel was spotted in the Maldives last week and, as eSysman SuperYachts points out, is currently docked in Victoria Harbor, Seychelles. Nord traveled 2151 km or 1161 nm from Maldives to Seychelles. On checking her position on Marine Traffic, it still shows the vessel as out of range, with the AIS updated over 100 days ago. But it can be confined that the yacht is indeed in Seychelles as the yachts in the foreground are identifiable as Sea Rhapsody, which is currently moored at Port Victoria, Sc. A few weeks ago, Nord surfaced in Hong Kong, causing furor and fluttering several American feathers.

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Alexei Mordoshov. Image – Kremlin

After immense pressure from American authorities, Hong Kong succumbed and bid adieu to the Russian tycoon’s floating goliath. Nord then set on an unwelcome journey to Cape Town. But before she sailed closer to the destination, she went dark, as usual, somewhere in the vast Indian Ocean. It looks like the owner cannot spend winters anywhere except stunning Seychelles, a justified break from the frigid Russian winters.

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