Designed by the shipyard that built Jeff Bezos’ Koru megayacht, this 295-foot-long concept is literally the chameleon of the high seas. Millions of LEDs embedded in the facets can mimic a serene sunset, dazzling starlight, or a striking cityscape using the owner’s mobile phone.

Superyacht concepts come and go, but the offering from Van Geest Design and the iconic shipbuilder Oceanco is here to stay and shine! Introducing the Moonstone Yacht, as the name suggests, the ship draws inspiration from the entire light spectrum, becoming a beacon of light on the high seas. Gone are the days when a pool or two, a games room, cinemas, and fancy interiors excited billionaires.

This 295-footer concept yacht knocks the ball out of the park. The ingenious shimmering exterior, developed in collaboration with Temeloy Advanced Lighting Design, allows Moonstone to become a chameleon of the ocean, reflecting the waves.

It also comes with the possibility of changing the exterior lighting using the owner’s mobile phone. The clever camouflage mode allows the boat to mimic the beauty of a stunning sunset. Tiphaine Treins, founder and CEO of Temeloy Advanced Lighting Design, added: “The idea is that it is synchronized with a fish-eye lens camera that can capture the color temperature of the sunset or a sunrise and program them directly into the lights.” Whether night or day, the magic of Moonstone is unaffected by the time of day. Six hundred individually dimmable light panels capture starlight and constellations as quickly as a cityscape using 70 sqm of solar panels.

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An extensive collection of triangular facets frames the rounded hull to create contrasting surfaces. The sturdy panels are shock and impact-resistant, able to withstand the harshness of seawater and the rigorous use of a yacht. “It will be incredible because the owner will have the possibility to have a new boat every day,” Treins added.

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The ship is based on Oceanco’s 90-meter platform, allowing for a layout that includes everything from an entire owner’s deck to a gym and spa area, a cinema, pool, Jacuzzi, and a helicopter pad for speedy entry and exits. The Moonstone motor yacht will exhibit long-range cruising potential with a twin MTU 20V4000 M73L engine setup if built.

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