Panasonic launches BE-ENV e-bike for the Japanese market

With new designer electric-bikes making their foray into the markets, these electric modes of transport are slowly turning into the day’s trend. Panasonic’s latest offering for the Japanese market, the BE-ENV e-bike, is one such trend setting e-bike that is sure to be a favorite with the youth. A high-class creation, this luxe e-bike boasts of a titanium frame and is extremely light, weighing just 15.7kg. According to Panasonic, the lithium-ion battery and the design of this e-bike make it stand apart. What is more, this e-bike features an LCD monitor that allows its riders to choose from three driving modes, including an eco-friendly mode (depending upon the battery you opt for, the eco mode allows you to travel a distance of up to 69 km). The LCD monitor also displays the average speed and distance .traveled

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Built to order, the BE-ENV e-bike is available only for the Japanese market and is selling for a price ranging between $6,600 and $8,000.

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