To be built in Saudi Arabia, this $5 billion gigayacht concept is so massive that it can dwarf an oligarch’s superyacht – The turtle-shaped Pangeos will house 60,000 people. A floating city in itself it will have beach clubs, villas, and even a mall.

Photo - Lazzarini

Can you imagine what a $5 billion terayacht comprises? Thanks to Lazzarini’s giant turtle-shaped floating city, we don’t have to imagine anymore. Breaking norms, boundaries, and budgets all in one go is this unprecedented concept of Pangeos that shatters the glass ceiling and sets high standards of luxury and innovation. The Italian Design Studio has envisioned an entirely new way of living in the lap of luxury inside the giant vessel capable of housing an entire city.

Terayacht Pangeos stretches 1,800 ft. in length and flaunts a beam of 2,000 ft. making for highly roomy interiors. Entry is located aft through a massive portico enabling vessels to enter the floating city.

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Photo – Lazzarini

It is fitting to assume that a few residents of a great floating city will undoubtedly be yachting enthusiasts with vessels to boast about. The grandeur of $5 billion Pangeos is coupled with unmatched innovation. 30,000 cells sheath the hull comprising an unsinkable floating solution for the basement. Nine HTS fully electric engines power the vessel with a consistent speed of 5 knots.

Photo – Lazzarini

Lazzarini claims the mammoth dwelling can be home to 60,000 people who live lavishly in resorts, side apartments, and a myriad of modern villas.

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Photo – Lazzarini

The structure is incredibly impressive, with a sprawling rooftop garden, beach club, and a mall. A terayacht needs an equally enormous shipyard for support.

Photo – Lazzarini

The designers have kept essential details in mind, and if the concept turns into a reality, it will be launched from a 4,198,000 sq. ft. shipyard in Saudi Arabia. With no single destination in mind, Pangeos will be perpetually itinerant around the world.

Photo – Lazzarini
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