Even sexier than the Bond girls – This 252-Foot motor yacht trimaran is inspired by the 007 damsels and comes with a massive infinity pool and bedroom that spans two levels.

The world has always been on about James Bond for decades, and with the latest movie ‘No time to Die‘ hitting cinemas, people have had little else to talk about. The beautiful Bond girls seem to get overlooked in the crazy action sequences, superb locations, and 007’s gripping persona. Not anymore! As designers, Hannah Hombergen and George Lucian have released their latest yacht concept called MY B0nd Girl. As the name gives away, this remarkable 70 meters trimaran is just as luscious as any Bond girl to attract the attention of a debonair detective or millionaire who likes to tread in the waters.

The luxurious yacht brings two levels of stunning amenities and interiors that are spellbinding. It certainly carries a very Hollywood-friendly appeal, fit for the premiere of a blockbuster. The movies also heavily inspire the interior design to lend an elegant and sophisticated appearance indisputably spotted in the expansive master bedroom on two levels and a folding balcony. For guests, the vessel is fitted with five spacious cabins that house ten guests. The exterior, too, deserves a special mention for being so boldly unique and eye-catching, flaunting a unique shape and a giant infinity pool.

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The designer took special care to make it so after exploring several yachting trends that seem to be focusing on the multi-hulls anatomy. They ensure the structure prevents vibrations and noises at sea owing to two hulls responsible for stability. As per thesun, designer George Lucian shares how everybody will adore this superyacht, “Whether you are the good guy or the villain, this superyacht will perfectly fit for your next mission,” he added. This sleek and seductive 230-foot vessel that successfully pays homage to Bond girls will hit the market for nearly $115 million.

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