The aptly named Pink Shadow allows you to explore the oceans in utmost style. Available for charter at $510,000 per week, this vessel, inspired by Amazonian adventure dramas, offers a Tahitian beach club, a Habana room with a humidor, and an array of exciting toys and tenders.

The name Pink Shadow is not typically associated with a robust 190-foot explorer yacht, but that’s just the beginning of the surprises when it comes to this Damen Yachting masterpiece offered by her central agency for charter, Y.CO. The SeaXplorer is not the biggest of ships, but the naval architects at Azure Yacht Design and experts at EYOS Expeditions have rendered it a beautifully designed boat offering more than expected. The luxury vessel sleeps 12 guests in 6 cabins, all on the main deck.

The interiors of Pink Shadow are what lend attractiveness to the stealthy warship, which sports a contrasting exterior. Inside, however, the ship exudes a feminine, raw, tropical vibe with unexpected interruptions like an alligator or a voluptuous femme fatale.

The décor draws inspiration from the Amazonian adventure-drama ‘Fitzcarraldo,’ which explains its unique treatment. It’s the boat’s color scheme that gives it an upscale, resort-like appearance.

There’s an evident lack of nautical or ship-like themes, which is another plus.
The owner’s cabin, featuring a lounge area, a separate bedroom, and a bathroom with a steam shower, is the most alluring and eye-catching area of Pink Shadow. The main deck’s Tahiti Plage beach club is undoubtedly the highlight.

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It encompasses every inviting element of island life, surrounded by water, with a cozy ambiance and vibrant colors in the form of throw pillows or a lively bar table. There’s even a tiny neon sign tucked away in an obscure corner, playfully reminding you of the ship’s identity if the evening gets too heady. The deck also features a Jacuzzi pool, as well as sunpads suspended above the water by the tender cranes.

The sun deck is a haven for those who love ample doses of Vitamin D. It boasts a huge Jacuzzi pool, a massive dining table, and unparalleled vistas, making it a favorite spot for guests. For those who can’t handle too much sun, there’s respite in the Habana room. This space takes a break from the island life theme and embraces retro glam, complete with a bespoke humidor. The golden-age glamour continues on the formal dining table in the Fitzcarraldo lounge.

There’s design present in every nook and corner of the 190-footer, so much so that you may start missing a white wall at the end of your journey, or not! “Even the bridge has its characteristic style and flair,” said the broker, “thanks to a crocodile teeth table and sofa.” “Yachts don’t get much cooler than Pink Shadow,” said Y.CO’s David Price.

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“She makes a statement on the outside, but the guest spaces are where she really stands out. Wherever you look, you’ll spot another design flourish, right down to the insides of the wardrobes. We’re so proud to be announcing her as part of the Y.CO charter fleet and are confident she’ll be a hit with our clients, offering so many amazing spaces to choose from.”

Now comes the fun part, and Pink Shadow packs a treasure chest of toys and tenders. Water enthusiasts will have a whale of a time, pun intended, with seabobs, fliteboards, wakeboards, waterskis, towables, and more. Her impressive arsenal includes a 37-foot sailing yacht, and two super sleek tenders to whisk you wherever you might want to go. Though admittedly, you won’t want to go anywhere once you hop aboard the luxury vessel that’s going to set you back by a weekly rate of $510,000. The globetrotting explorer boats an impressive range of 5,000 nautical miles at 11.5 knots

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