Pool Table Car lets you play wherever you choose

The idea of a pool table and the car was already amalgamated in the 1965 Mustang pool table, but if you’re looking for a pool table car with real wheels to take you places, then you sure have a deal. Triangle Billiards. Inc. and Big Daddy Vini (the starrer of Discovery Channels Kustomizer Series) have collaborated to create the most unique advertising vehicles- A fully drive-able, 100 mph Pool Table Car. Apparently, the Pool Table Car gained considerable popularity after its launch at the George Barris Kustom Car Show in Culver City, California, sometime in May 2011. Some of the goodies that come with the car are a removable top, front detachability to make way for a real game of pool, custom 22”-24” tires and rims, refrigerator, pop-up LCD television, high-end custom sound system, and built-in pool table leveling system.

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The Pool Table Car is also touted to go on a reality series much like the Hurricane Custom Billiards car themed Pool table that went on “Unique Whips”. The guys behind the venture are currently inviting registrations for the Pool Table Car and also for other unique projects you might be interested in.

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