Porsche has collaborated with Airstream for a futuristic luxury camping trailer. The sleek 16-foot long trailer fits in a garage and features a bed, kitchen, and a folding table.

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Airstream collaborated with Porsche to come up with a futuristic travel trailer concept that debuted yesterday at SXSW in Austin, Texas. The modern-looking camping trailer has been designed specifically designed to be towed by a small SUV or an electric vehicle. “Our customer base is about twice as likely to own an EV than the general population,” said Bob Wheeler, Airstream’s CEO. “Towing a travel trailer cuts down on the range. Weight and aerodynamics play a big part in that.” This is not Airstream’s first attempt at building a camper suitable for the EV era. Last year, the American company revealed a concept called the eStream concept RV that features an electric powertrain developed by ZF.

Co-designed by Studio F.A. Porsche, the urban-influenced 16.4-foot camping trailer concept features improved aerodynamics to further decrease the drag coefficient as compared to the already slippery Airstream trailers. Instead of the iconic bullet shape, it has a new truncated rear shape to improve airflow and flush underside with “reduced drag-creating projections.” The riveted design has also been dropped to decrease drag. Furthermore, it is made up of composite materials such as carbon fiber to help keep the weight down.

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“Going into this collaboration, we knew that if we tied Porsche’s hands we’d end up with what we already have,” Wheeler said. “What we ended up with is beautiful, functional, and represents the brand.” The concept also features a few firsts from the famed brand, which includes lowering suspension and an insulated pop-up roof. Its small dimensions make it perfect to be stored inside a standard garage when not in use.

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The interior is thoroughly modern with a clean and clutter-free design. To maximize space on offer, the rear seating transforms from a dining space to an office to a living room, while the seating area also converts to an 82″ X 61″ sleeping area. The kitchenette gets a sink, two burner cooktop stove, and a flip-up countertop extender that can be used when cooking. Additionally, the concept also has integrated rooftop solar panels and a lithium battery pack for off-the-grid camping. We can’t wait for this to go beyond the concept phase and enter production soon.

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