An affordable Porsche Macan with a four-cylinder engine in the works

It’s been almost two decades since Porsche put a four cylinder engine in one of their cars with the Porsche 968 being the last that went out of production back in 1995. There were a few rumors earlier this year that Porsche might experiment a Boxter with a straight four engine but it seems the latest offering from the German automaker, Porsche Macan, will come with a four pot engine earlier than the Boxter. Revealed just a couple of weeks back at the LA Motor Show, Porsche Macan was launched with a choice between a twin-turbocharged V6 engines available in 3 liter with 340hp and 3.6 liter with 400hp versions and a six cylinder turbodiesel with 258 hp. As per reports from Autocar and Autoblog, the Macan crossover will soon be launched with smaller engine variants.

As per information available, Porsche is readying a 2 liter four cylinder turbocharged engine with 280hp and a diesel variant with the same displacement that’ll power the new Macan crossover. The entry level Macans with the smaller engines will be slotted below the Macan S, Macan S Diesel and Macan Turbo. The four cylinder petrol engine is said to be under development by Porsche itself and might come in a boxer engine configuration. There’s no information on the pricing or availability at the moment but rumors suggest that it’s being developed for Europe only. But keeping in mind the lower price tag and smaller engine, it might also be headed to newer developing markets.

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