Yachts are passe: For $10M you can now own your private seven carraige luxury train

Have you heard the latest? Private jets a passé, private trains are the new symbol of wealth and the Majestic Imperator Train de Luxe in Vienna should be your chariot of choice. This totally luxe express is based on the Imperial Train owned by the Austrian Emperor Franz Joseph I and his wife Elisabeth way back in 1891. But don’t be fooled by the old inspiration, this new creation features all the technology and hygiene that a millionaire needs while travelling. What might you do with a luxury train? Well, we have some ideas…

Throw a party!
House parties are so last year, make 2016 that year of the train party! Your guests can take full advantage of the train’s seven carriages with 239 seats (197 dining seats, 42 salon seats). It’ll be old school, but in the best possible way!

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Stage a Murder Mystery
Have you heard that dinner party murder mysteries are all the rage? Take yours to the next level by hosting it on a luxury train that comes complete with antiques that once belonged to Emperor Franz Josef I and Empress Sisi. Better start reading “Murder on the Orient Express” for some ideas.

Get Married
Ever fancied a wedding with a moving venue? Well this train boasts plenty of space for all your friends and family and features up to date “behind the wall” technology along with state of the art hygiene protection systems for the kitchen, comfort stations etc. Every carriage is lavishly decorated in golds and jewel tones, you couldn’t ask for better wedding décor!

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Now you have ideas aplenty, but you’ll also need approximately $10,059,670 to actually buy the Imperator. That price includes 100% shares of the company “Majestic Train de Luxe, the train with its seven carriages, antiques onboard of the train, a management team and staff as well as infrastructure contracts. But sadly it does not include an electric or steam locomotive. If the pictures are anything like the real thing, then it’s still an investment worth making, especially if you loved playing with toy trains as a kid!

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