Queen Elizabeth II’s customized Daimler Majestic V8 Jaguar for sale

For all those who believe they deserve a Royal means of transportation, here is your chance to get your deserved set of Royal wheels. Queen Elizabeth II’s tailor-made personal vehicle that was designed according to her needs is up for sale. The Royal vehicle, Daimler Majestic V8 Jaguar, was used by the Queen herself during 2001-2004 to drive around the grounds of her Windsor estate and for trips such as going back and forth to Buckingham Palace. The vehicle has clocked up 14,000 miles. Painted British green, this Jaguar even features a driver’s armrest specially designed to accommodate the Queen’s Launer bag and ensure it remained upright.

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Besides this, the car features a special console of switches that control flashing strobe and blue emergency convoy lights, as well as a secure telephone link to Downing Street and the Home Office. The motor, which boasted of a list price of £65,000 ($99,060), has been released from Jaguar’s collection of royal vehicles after the Queen acquired another car from the company and was deemed surplus to Buckingham Palace’s requirements, is now being offered for sale by a man named Peter Ratcliffe.
Ratcliffe, who recently sold the Queen’s previous S-plate Daimler to a Japanese collector, is confident of finding a buyer for this Royal vehicle as well.

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