Quora Answers – How does it feel to own and drive a Lamborghini?

I pondered this same question since I was 15. About 15 years later I am qualified to answer this. I’ve owned 2. 08 Gallardo and 2015 Huracan. How does it feel? I will break this down into two parts–from an automotive/mechanical perspective and an emotional/human perspective.

Both were V10’s and the moment you turned the key (or pressed the start button) you knew it was 10 cylinders. They were proper to use a bull for their logo because it sounds like a really pissed off bull being woken up too early on a Saturday morning each time you fire it up. Italians are about soul and lambos ooze soul compared to the other exotics and expensive cars I’ve owned. You feel alive when you drive them. Driving a lambo is a very visceral experience. It’s loud, and you can feel the engine rumbling through your bones as you shift (all paddle shift these days) and downshift. Everyone should experience a v10 downshifting hard through a tunnel at least once in their lives. Every drive is an experience and I would find myself with a big grin on my face any time I drove them.

A common misconception is that they’re expensive to maintain or are unreliable. 2005 and newer are head and shoulders above the pre 2005 models. Once Audi (or is it VW?) owned lamborghini and started sharing parts the car was so much better inside and out. Diablos and countach’s feel cheap and flimsy but the fit and finish after the gallardo came out is nice and tight like an Audi. Also I will say the AWD models make you feel like a great driver and safe even on wet surfaces.

Ok so here’s probably what you’re more interested in– what does it feel like, how do people react, etc. You’re going to get a lot of attention. I never had yellow or green or orange but those attract even more attention. Meaning when you drive it, expect at least a few people to take pics and/or video (while they have one hand on the wheel of their own car), people will try to race you, follow you, stare, honk their horn, give you thumbs up, etc. Sometimes it’s downright dangerous because they are paying attention to your car when they should be driving.

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When you’re getting gas or stopped somewhere that’s when it can get awkward. Every week I’ll get a couple of questions that bug me:

“How much did that car cost?”
“So what do you do”

I don’t mind if you ask how fast it goes. Or if you can take a picture or look inside. I’ll even let people sit in it — all the time! But don’t ask me how much it costs. Just google it. And asking me what I do… As if you’re going to turn around and start doing it too? That’s like asking someone how much they make. You don’t want to know, trust me.

So I used to struggle with this and would try to avoid it. Now I just tell people. $285,000. Ok there. Are you happy now?

If you like the car you should see my house.

It’s a no-win situation. I tell you and it makes things weird or I don’t tell you and you think I’m a lambo driving asshole. Oh well, comes with the territory. I still don’t have a great way to handle that question.

People treat you like a celebrity (not justified) because of your car. Most people don’t know what kind of car it is. Most people have never seen one up close. Boys from the ages of 8-18 freak out — I did the same when I was their age.

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Gas mileage sucks. 10mpg sounds about average.

Insurance is not that bad. I’m paying about $250 a month (over 25, no accidents, multiple car discount, etc). Not all insurance companies will cover lambos. Progressive does.

Cops. Beware. If you drive a lambo you are begging to get pulled over. That means you do one thing wrong: roll through a stop sign, run a yellow light, go 5mph over the speed limit, have an expired license plate, swerve in a lane (ESP at night), expect blue and red lights to come on especially if you aren’t in LA or Miami where they are common. Been pulled over 4 times in the lambos. 3 were fine. One was straight up harassment and I was scared. I won’t drink even a beer if I’m in the lambo, it’s just not worth it.

Overall I haven’t had that bad of an experience. It’s been positive and fun. I go to car shows. Take neighbors’ kids for rides. Answer everyone’s questions at gas stations and am as nice as I can be. I’ve been fortunate in my life and so I feel like it’s my job to share the car with people even if it’s just a selfie for a random stranger at the supermarket. (And yes I drive it to Kroger and yes a couple of bags of groceries fit in the trunk).

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