Millionaires don’t just haul your Bugattis and Ferraris to the race track in any trailer – Use the aerodynamic ‘Race Transporter 7’ that has spacious interiors, composite flooring, and industry-leading cutting edge features.

If you’re looking to buy an ultra-premium car hauler for your supercar, this stunning enclosed trailer is just the thing you need. Behold the Race Transporter 7 (RT7), a new flagship lightweight enclosed trailer by renowned UK-based trailer manufacturer Brian James Trailers (BJT). Inspired by modern high-end motorhomes, the RT7 is described by its makers as a “super-premium enclosed car transporter trailer.” Much like the high-performance supercars it is meant to transport, the RT7 focuses on being lightweight thanks to the extensive use of composite materials and features an aerodynamically optimized design. While the trailer gets a curvaceous front end to have a lower drag coefficient, the rear features an integrated rear spoiler to add high-speed stability.

BJT has given the RT7 an elegant and contemporary design both inside and out. While most car haulers look like boxes on wheels, the designers of RT7 have made sure the trailer looks just as appealing as the high-end automobile it is hauling. Available in black or white bodywork, the trailer gets body-colored aluminum side doors on both sides that sit flush with the bodywork. Even the rear hatch looks stunning, thanks to the notched design and the LED lights, adding to the trailer’s premium feel. In fact, the RT7 features modern LED lighting everywhere, including the front and side, side-mounted reversing lights, and full-length interior strip lighting.

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To make the RT7 as light as possible, the bodywork is made out of lightweight composite material developed in partnership with GRP specialists Quantum Mouldings. It’s the same company that developed the composite bodywork for the Ultima RS sports car. Furthermore, the flagship trailer also features composite flooring on the inside that is not only lighter and stronger but also grippier than traditional deck-board. Thanks to all the weight-saving measures, the RT7 is lighter by almost 200kg (440 pounds) than the equivalent-sized Race Transporter 6 (RT6). As a result, the new ultra-premium trailer has a higher load capacity to carry heavy vehicles. What that means is it’s not only perfect for gas-powered premium automobiles but also EVs, which are heavier.

The RT7 is one of the most high-tech car haulers ever made, featuring cutting-edge technology. It’s the first in the industry to come with an electric actuator with a wireless remote that operates the rear door and tilt bed. It not only eliminates the need for manual handling but also makes it perfect for “extremely low ground clearance” vehicles. Additional ramps for race cars and ultra-low exotics are available as optional extras. The interior lighting can be powered by the onboard 12V battery or the tow vehicle. The battery powers the rear door actuator, the electric tilt-bed actuator, and an electric winch. It also gets Bluetooth connectivity to view the current charge from your phone. BJT says the winch can be upgraded to a 9,500lb version as a factory-fit upgrade.

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The BJT RT7 is available in different sizes. In addition to being offered in twin- and tri-axle configurations, customers can choose 18 and 20-foot (5.5 and 6-meter) lengths. Furthermore, there are two widths to choose from, and an extra-high version is also available to those looking to haul SUVs. The pricing starts at £25,500 (about $32,000), but the largest models with all options selected are close to £40,000 (roughly $50,000).

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