American rapper Rich Ross shows off his Gulfstream G550 private jet that has a custom paint job with his name in gold on the side

Via Instagram / @richforever

Rick Ross is undoubtedly acing the game of social media flexing by constantly treating his fans with a taste of the Boss lifestyle, which includes everything from custom jewelry to jaw-dropping cars. But this time around, he has even outdone himself by taking it to a whole new level. A few days after successfully organizing the second annual Rick Ross Car and Bike Show in Georgia, the American rapper took to Instagram to show off his first private jet. The Biggest Boss posted videos and images of the heavily personalized jet that features a black and gold paint scheme along with his logo on the tail and his name embossed in gold on the side. Interestingly, the registration number reveals that the aircraft was acquired by the rapper in April of this year.

the Gulfstream G550

In one of the videos, Rick pulls off a dance move on the tarmac before telling his fans that they could also live a life like this if they put in the effort. While he calls the jet “a $5 billion play,” the aircraft isn’t actually worth anywhere close to that amount. The aircraft is a 2012 Gulfstream G550 which has an average asking price of around $25 million. It is powered by two Rolls-Royce jet engines and has a range of 7700 miles.

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Via Instagram / @ethika

The rapper-turned-entrepreneur also gave a tour of the private jet in a video where he can be heard naming the aircraft “Maybach Airlines” and also thanking Duncan Aviation for hooking up with the new toy. The cabin has a layout that can accommodate up to 18 passengers and gets upscale features like self-folding tables and motorized window shades.

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