Unveiled Ilma, the breathtaking new addition to the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection. This 790-foot vessel offers 224 lavish suites, a luxurious spa, multiple gourmet restaurants, a humidor, and a kid’s program for an unforgettable vacation experience.

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Ilma, the stunning 790-foot second installment of the Ritz-Carlton Yacht Collection, has been unveiled by the American hospitality giant, forever changing the world of luxury cruising. This majestic cruise ship is slated to debut on a seven-night voyage from Monte Carlo to Rome later this year, accommodating 448 passengers who will indulge in an array of five-star amenities. Following the 623-foot Evrima, Ilma—named after the Maltese word for “water”—boasts an exquisite exterior designed by Finnish studio Aivan and an interior rich in Maltese mythology, history, and fauna by British firm AD Associates.

Image – Ritz Carlton

Ilma’s 10 decks are filled with opulent amenities, including The Ritz-Carlton Spa, a main pool on the sundeck, an infinity pool in the beach club, and a state-of-the-art fitness studio featuring a cycle studio, Movement Studio, and a juice bar. The Living Room, an inviting and elegantly designed space, exudes a home-like warmth in the middle of the sea. This private alcove offers everything from a well-stocked library and fresh coffee to pastries in the morning and cocktails and canapés as the day progresses. Evenings come alive with a live pianist and a late-night DJ.

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The Terrace suite. Image – Ritz Carlton

While these amenities are certainly the icing on the cake, the true highlight is the 224 spacious suites, each featuring floor-to-ceiling windows and private ocean-view terraces. The epitome of luxury is found in Ilma’s larger Owner’s Suites, spanning over 1,000 square feet and equipped with an in-suite bar, separate dining area, and impeccable service with a crew-to-guest ratio of one-to-one. As expected from a Ritz-Carlton cruise, five-star service is guaranteed.

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Aboard the 790-foot Ilma, the atmosphere is nothing short of magical, with classical and jazz musicians captivating guests in the entertainment areas. The Observation Terrace offers panoramic views paired with frozen cocktails, creating unforgettable moments. Every guest is attended to, and their preferences are meticulously catered to—from a humidor richly furnished with leathers and dark walnut timbers to Ritz Kids, an educational and fun-filled program available during holidays and summer months.

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The Beach house. Image – Ritz Carlton

Ilma is a gastronome’s paradise, featuring six restaurants in addition to The Living Room. Tides serves as the main restaurant, while Seta offers delectable Italian fare. Sushi lovers must visit Memori. The Beach House, inspired by Peruvian beach clubs and designed by Toronto’s Chapi Chapo Design, features an infinity pool and indoor-outdoor dining. Mistral, located steps away from the Main Pool on Deck 10, is another splendid addition. Ilma is set to sail on a seven-night trip starting September 2, followed by voyages to the Mediterranean and Caribbean.

Image – Ritz Carlton

The Ritz-Carlton fleet is completed with the magnificent and even larger 794-foot Luminara that will hit the seas in 2025.

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