Limited edition Rolls Royce Phantom Metropolitan Collection pays tribute to world’s great metropolises

The Paris Motor Show – or Mondial de l’Automobile – is one of the most important shows in the automotive calendar and it kicks-off today. Already, a number of top tier automakers have announced their offerings that will debut at the show and Rolls Royce is the latest to join the list. Rolls Royce has arrived at the show with a bespoke Phantom that features exquisite hand-crafted design inspired by the modern metropolis. Limited to 20 examples, the bespoke Rolls Royce Phantom Metropolitan Collection pays homage to the world’s great metropolises through the meticulous application of marquetry – the art of inlaying small pieces of wood veneer to form decorative motifs.

rolls-royce-phantom-metropolitan-collection-4On the outside, a special dark hue named ‘Darkest Tungsten’, inspired by city skylines, finishes the exterior surfaces of the motor car on display in Paris but the customers can get their bespoke models with the exterior paintjob of their choice. The exterior is completed with a hand-applied motif that depicts an abstract silhouette of modern skyscrapers. On the inside, the signature picnic table presents occupants with an elevated view of the city, created through the expert application of 500 individual wood veneer pieces that are free from minutest of the imperfections. Adjustments to the color of each piece are made through the traditional hand-process of hot-sand shading before a final inspection under magnification on a light box to ensure perfection. The interior is wrapped in Aetherius Grey colored leather that was created to echo the color palette of the modern city. For the first time in the automaker’s history, a rotating bezel expressing 24 of the great cities of the world and their time zones adorns the central console. Have a look at the images after the jump.


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