A secretive 28-year-old European millionaire commissioned this stunning superyacht and designed it to resemble Iron Man. The 161-foot-long vessel has a large beach club, a 120-inch interactive LED screen to play video games, and a password-protected wine room.

Most people fawn over the interiors and amenities of a superyacht, but the most underrated aspect is the silhouette of a luxury vessel, which can leave a significant impact. A case in point is Rossinavi’s 161-foot Aurora, a ship that epitomizes styling with an Iron Man-like outline. It’s easy to guess that the lavish boat was commissioned by a 30-something owner (he was 28 years old when he took delivery in 2018). The experienced yacht designer Fulvio De Simoni, immortalized Aurora with oodles of oomph and norm-breaking design. Inspired by a classic sports car, the ship resembles a superhero and appears as masculine as possible, displaying the dexterity of a speedboat. To make all this happen the shipyard Rossinavi had commissioned the International university of Monaco to research millennial habits and tastes.

‘When I sent the first rendering to the owner, all I got back was a quick remark: “That’s Optimus Prime from the Transformers!” We have an idea of what the owner played with as a child,’ he added. ‘We used Iron Man’s armor as a model for the bow,’ shared the designer. Let’s take an in-depth look at what makes Aurora amazing-

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The amazing and individualistic Aurora Yacht –

The luxury 161-footer may be named after a princess or a natural phenomenon, but it looks utterly masculine and boasts robustness not usually seen in this size category. The outstanding beach club exemplifies how the designers maximized space to fulfill the owner’s wishes while keeping the volume under 500 gross tons to comply with regulations. ‘He actually wanted a 50-meter-long speedboat,’ shared De Simoni. This inspired the sloping roof of the superstructure, flat lines, no upper deck, and sundeck.

The owners suite.

The ample beach club, located aft, is installed with a fantastic entertainment system and an interactive LED wall at the front end of the club, doubling as a cinema or video game screen. The owner’s cabin, positioned on the main deck forward, allows the owner to see the sea from his cabin. De Simoni installed high-edged windows on the sides that resemble air inlets, offering panoramic views. There is a second owner’s suite one deck higher aft.

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Eight guests are accommodated in four cabins on the lower and main decks. The saloon and internal dining area on the main deck are well-designed and inviting spaces, with a bespoke dining table made of oak with gold leaf.

The oak on the dining table is covered in gold leaf.

The ship boasts a second dining area between the saloon and the cockpit, offering a clear view of the hull’s sides. The swimming pool sits behind the second owner’s suite.

A wine cabinet as Tony Stark would prefer: it’s fancy and computer-controlled.

Although Aurora may lack a sundeck, it more than makes up for it with a stellar wine room – a futuristic, walk-in, glass-enclosed, and temperature-controlled cabinet in the main deck guest lobby that holds a whopping 500 bottles. The clever owner treats this space as sacred, accessible only via a password known only to him.

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