This gorgeous 144-foot superyacht impresses with nearly all-glass interiors by Piero Lissoni, an infinity pool overlooking the sea, and a sprawling master suite.

Sanlorenzo’s latest luxury vessel is an impressive, new 144-footer named the X-Space. Due for delivery in 2023, the X-Space features five decks designed by Zuccon International Project. The plush and cutting-edge interiors are designed by Piero Lissoni. Bernardo Zuccon said about this grand vessel, “The X-Space project was born with the desire not to create a wonderful floating structure but to create a wonderful vessel for life.” The deck includes a private apartment, study, living room, and a large master cabin for the owner of the superyacht.

This cabin leads onto a private terrace at the bow, with a 30sqm sunbed area and swimming pool. Piero Lissoni said, “The X-Space has been forced to become a boat almost entirely made of glass: there are large panes of glass, large windows, and some of the cabins no longer even have portholes but glass walls. the interior has forced its hand on the exterior and the exterior has been so elastic and so well designed that the interior has almost adapted itself in a totally natural way. I think this is the most innovative language I’ve seen on a superyacht to date and it has made it possible to create a compact boat but with extraordinary proportions and the unique quality of Sanlorenzo.”

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Yet another highlight is a commodious “multi-tasking” terrace that accommodates a 194-foot pool with a glass edge that blends into the sea as if it were infinite water. It also manages to squeeze in an open-air living room for guests leads aft to a plush lounging area with two sofas. Apparently, the vessel can reportedly cover 4,000 nautical miles at a speed of 10 knots and will soon be seen treading the seas as the first unit is under construction and due for delivery in 2023.

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