A Saudi Prince, a superyacht, a Swiss bank and a sad story! Why this gorgeous, for sale, $65 million luxury yacht is being treated like a pariah?

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Prince Fahad Bin Sultan of Saudi Arabia locked horns with a Swiss bank, Credit Suisse Group AG, over unpaid $78 million in interest and loans earlier this year. The prey of this courtroom battle was a beautiful boat 270 feet long megayacht Sarafsa. Not only did the Saudi prince lose out on his magnificent ship, but the ship also lost the charm that attracted royalty. According to the latest video by superyacht vlogger eSysman, the motoryacht stands abandoned in Monaco and “left to rot.” It currently belongs to the Swiss bank Credit Suisse Group AG, which won the battle over non-payment of loans and aimed to sell the motoryacht.

The sun deck pool and gym.Image – Burgess Yachts

The deserted $65 million Sarafsa now sits in Monaco after being arrested in Sardinia last year. The court case settled in favor of the bank who took the 270-footer to Genoa for refitting and maintenance work to be sold. Since then, the ship has been stranded in Monaco, awaiting potential buyers, albeit with a rotting exterior.

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The plush owners lounge. Image – Burgess Yachts

eSysman stated the interiors are a far cry from looking poor. They continue to remain pristine, magnificent, and as impressive as ever. Sarafsa may need a paint job in due course, but one peek inside, and it still is beauty personified.

The owners cabin.Image – Burgess Yachts

Sarafsa was on sale with a $10 million discount –
The 270-foot luxury vessel was listed for sale with Rupert Nelson and Matt Pinckney at Burgess in October. What grabbed attention was the significant price reduction of $10,000,000. Built-in 2008 by Devonport Yachts, the boat displays a beam of 15 meters and an interior volume of 3,179GT. Winch Design is responsible for the exterior and interior work of the $65 million steel and aluminum ship.

The onboard cinema room. Image – Burgess Yachts

Sarafsa, the six-decker, accommodates 14 guests in seven en suite cabins. A crew of 23 maintains the yacht’s amenities like a regal cinema with plush interiors, a winter garden dining area, fully-equipped spa with a swimming pool and helipad. A well-equipped wellness center is on the sun deck, complete with a hammam, gym, spa pool, and jacuzzi all housed beneath a retractable roof.

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Fahd bin Sultan Al Saud – Screengrab / Youtube.Image – Burgess Yachts

Fahd bin Sultan Al Saud governor of the kingdom’s Tabuk province-
In addition to being governor of Tabuk province since 1987, the second eldest son of Sultan bin Abdulaziz owns a stunning luxury vessel motor yacht Sarafsa and a sprawling property estate just south of London worth almost $50 million. He also holds a private hospital in Tabuk, Prince Fahd bin Sultan Hospital, featuring eleven outpatient clinics, an emergency room, inpatient service, medical support services, and other services. The 72-year-old Saudi royal is the honorary president of the Saudi Pharmaceutical Society and chairman of the board of trustees of Fahd bin Sultan University.

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