A Saudi Prince who loves fishing is all set to take delivery of the world’s largest sportfishing yacht, which is so fast it can even outpace the US Navy’s newest destroyer. Longer than an Olympic-sized swimming pool, the $70 million vessel is spread across six decks.

How far can you go for something you like? Saudi Prince Turki bin Muqrin Al Saud has gone 171 feet to attain his ‘Special One,’ the world’s largest sportfishing yacht. The Royal Huisman sportfisher is undergoing sea trials, with delivery to her royal owner expected next month. As the largest sportfisher yacht in the world, Special One includes six decks designed to near perfection by Dutch studio Vripack. The boat comes with a long bow, high bulwarks, and a low fishing cockpit aft.

The interiors, though sheathed in secrecy as is the case with most royal owners, are undoubtedly luxurious, making the most of the volume of 499 tons. There must be a saloon, lounge area, and a large galley for 12 guests serviced by 8 crew members.

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But at the heart of it all, it is a sportfishing yacht, and that’s perceivable through the hunting equipment to catch larger fish. There is a tower doubling as a viewing platform for the aft fishing area.

Royal Huisman chief executive Jan Timmerman said: “It is well known that the Royal Huisman team likes nothing better than the opportunity to solve fresh engineering challenges – especially if they come in the shape of a unique project concept.” A passionately created vessel for a rich man with a hobby, Special One also packs in quite a performance with MTU engines that render a top speed of 35 knots. The world’s largest true sportfishing yacht was earlier known as Royal Huisman motor yacht Project 406 and is worth $70 million.

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According to insiders in the industry, Special One is owned by Turki bin Muqrin bin Abdulaziz, the 50-year-old nephew of King Salman of Saudi Arabia. The licensed helicopter and fixed-wing pilot established aviation schools in the United Kingdom and Lebanon. In addition to being CEO of Rabigh Wings Aviation Academy (RWAA), he also owns a real estate firm in Turkey. He has evidently developed an innate passion for sportfishing and owns the largest yacht in the category to pursue his interests.

NoteAccording to the US Navy, the $4.16 billion Zumwalt-class destroyer has a top speed of 30 knots.

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