Savoir, the company known for making $100,000 beds loved by celebrities, is now crafting luxury made-to-order mattresses for superyachts.

Image - Bedroom of the Lady Lara superyacht. Image - Lurssen. (Used for representation only)

Superyacht, scenery, and siesta all go hand in hand in ensuring a tremendous yachting experience. Many billionaires may own a luxury yacht, but a good night’s sleep is reserved for the fortunate few. Savoir, the maker of the world’s finest bespoke beds, is hopping on board—pun intended—to ensure nothing goes amiss on your next Mediterranean escapade. The new and exclusive yacht service, dubbed ‘Savoir at Sea,’ was unveiled this year at the prestigious Monaco Yacht Show 2023.

The luxury brand has been crafting bespoke beds for over a century; in 1904, hotelier and theatrical impresario Richard D’Oyly Carte set out to create an extra-comfy bed to be rolled out at the Savoy Hotel. Celebrity guests like Marilyn Monroe asked where they could buy the dreamy-soft beds from the Savoy Hotel. To date, fewer than 1,000 bespoke beds are made annually. Savoir Beds‘ esteemed and well-rested client list includes names like Kylie Minogue and Emma Thompson. With Savoir at Sea, the British bedmaker will offer the same comfort to the VIP cabins and master suites of superyachts.

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A bedroom onboard the Savannah superyacht.

Nic Alexandre, Managing Director of Savoir, commented, “We are delighted to introduce our ‘Savoir at Sea’ service to the yachting world. Our yacht business has gone from strength to strength over the last few years, and the key to this is our exclusive service where our clients don’t have to compromise. Reflecting our growth in the industry, we are exhibiting at a larger stand at the Monaco Yacht Show this year, where we will showcase our new ‘Luna’ bed design, created for the perfect night’s sleep at sea.”

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It all started at Londons famed Savoy hotel where guests started inquiring about the comfortable beds.

Savoir can create bespoke beds that fit any yacht’s specifications. Their unmatched mattresses can be made to fit existing bed frames or different shapes and sizes, including rounded corners, cutouts, and curves. All Savoir mattresses, toppers, and bases are handcrafted in England and Wales using top-notch materials like horsehair, wool, and cotton. Adding an extra dose of durability are special galvanized springs, ensuring there is no corrosion risk should humidity levels vary on board. Cotton casing with anti-bug protection secures the loose materials. When so much precision goes into making every corner of the megayacht magnificent, it is only fair the owner sleeps the same way too—splendidly!

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