This $130 million superyacht will come with a red carpet entrance and a massive swimming pool

The Carat 187 is the most glamorous superyacht yet. Fit for royalty, the 187-foot vessel will be overflowing with an impressive roster of amenities. At simply the concept stage, designers have already quoted USD 130 million to conceptualise and construct the massive yacht.
Envision two sweeping staircases, a massive swimming pool, an outdoor dining space, another pool at the prow and coupled with sufficient deck space for partying.

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The design aesthetic adds an intriguing persona to the boat with a mix of textures and shapes. One side of the yacht has sculptural shapes, while the other side has soft and simple surfaces intended to create an ‘introvert’ and ‘extrovert’ side.
Gareth Davies, European design director at design company Technicon, said he envisioned the yacht at a celebrity event like the Cannes Film Festival.

He added: ‘In our work across various domains of transport design, my team and I have developed a real understanding of the needs of a very particular client profile associated to our projects in private aviation, supercar design and luxury retail. So, it was a very natural progression for us to apply this understanding, along with our core skill set in creative design, to a superyacht project.’

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