Leonardo DiCaprio and Beyoncé take a look at the 367-feet-long megayacht Renaissance, one of the world’s newest, biggest, and most expensive yachts to charter at $3.2 million for a week

With Freire’s 367-footer Renaissance joining the charter fleet with Burgess, affluent sea-faring celebrities will have more grandeur to choose from other than the Flying Fox, Lana, and the like. Launched in 2023 by the Spanish shipyard, the ship that will host 36 passengers in 19 luxurious cabins is the largest boat built in the nation. The behemoth blurs the lines between being a robust expedition yacht and a captivating floating mansion with exteriors by Bannenberg & Rowell and naval architecture by Marin Teknikk AS. We can already picture Leonardo DiCaprio getting excited about this beauty with its double-height dining saloon.

Beyonce and her family onboard the Flying Fox.

Similarly, yacht enthusiast Beyoncé would be completely blown away by the enormous owner’s deck, presumably the most abundant of the six decks (no images available at the time of writing). The private space is flanked by Al fresco dining arrangements common to four of her decks. The main deck is home to a sprawling swimming pool and expansive beach club with a bar, sea terrace, and waterfront dining; Renaissance is a 7,200GT yacht, after all!

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Burgess described the spa as a “revelation,” flaunting a fitness center, a top-notch gym fit to impress an elite athlete with hot and cold plunges, a steam room, a sauna for utmost relaxation, and even a beauty salon. Like its competitors, Renaissance carries an arsenal of fantastic water toys and nautical gadgets and is equipped with a helipad on the bow for the comfort of her wealthy VIP guests.

Image – Boat International

Caroline Taylor, charter manager at Burgess, spoke on the new addition: “We are delighted to be representing this one-of-a-kind superyacht. Burgess has a reputation for excellence, and Renaissance truly embodies this ethos. The yacht will be available for charter this summer in the Mediterranean and is ready to secure bookings for 2024 in this location; also, winter 2024/25 will see Renaissance transiting over to the Caribbean.” The shipyard stated, “We want to thank the more than 600 people who have worked on this project over the last years. Both direct personnel from the shipyard, subcontractors, suppliers, financial entities, and the classification society involved in this incredible project.”

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Renaissance becomes one of the most expensive yachts to charter, with a hefty weekly cost of $3.2 million which runs upto $3.7 million in peak season. That steep price that may drop the jaw of a layperson but not of wealthy Hollywood A-listers who have developed an irrevocable penchant for these floating palaces. We can’t wait to see which well-known face will be spotted aboard first.

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