Available for charter at $3.4 million a week – The 446-foot vessel has a two-story spa, a massive dance floor, helipad, and even a cryo chamber.

There are superyachts, and then there is Flying Fox, the standout Lürssen superyacht. It could well be christened the Flying Palace as it creates a ground-breaking, sea-stirring world of luxury in a way no other superyacht has. Among its many accolades, the 450-foot-long Flying Fox is the largest and most expensive yacht available for charter.

The 14th largest ship in the world has been a temporary sanctuary of relaxation and luxury for several A-listers like Beyonce and Jay-Z and billionaire Jeff Bezos. He attended Bill Gates birthday on the yacht ‘Lana’ in Fethiye before returning by helicopter to ‘Flying Fox’ docked in Gokova. The Flying Fox is without a doubt the chosen mode of transport for some big wigs sea-faring activities.

The beauty and extravagance of the Flying Fox doesn’t come cheap. The biggest names in the world of business and movies gladly shell out a price of nearly $3.4 million per week to charter this palace of the ocean.

The luxury laden Flying Fox superyacht:
Flying Fox gets the attention of some of the most affluent people in the world. It offers luxuries like a two-deck spa, a professional dive center, two helipads for corporate helicopters, and even a cryotherapy center. This superyacht makes the most optimum use of space on the sea by offering as many as six decks stuffed with five-star amenities, many of which are never seen before on any other superyacht.

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For $4 million a week, one can get as many as 25 friends to enjoy the lavish amenities and sleep comfortably in 11 elegant cabins that will put 5-star rooms to shame.

Days are best spent splashing in the 400 sq-meter spa pool that’s divided into hot and cold zones by a retractable wall. Guests can relax within the 1300-foot two-story spa with best-in-class facials and body sculpting sessions.

To enjoy the stunning uninterrupted views, head atop the sixth deck to a height of 100ft and unwind with expansive blue views. Some of the most unforgettable parties have taken place after converting the large sundeck into a dance floor by night. Foot-tapping live music, private dining, and fireworks make for the ultimate shindig in the middle of nowhere. The cryotherapy center will also care for those sore muscles after a wild night of partying.

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Considering the many entertainment options and activities one can indulge in onboard Flying Fox, a permanent medic is stationed inside the onboard hospital. In addition to the gym, sauna, Jacuzzi, there is an exciting dive center, with a three-person decompression chamber and the option to dive depths of up to 328 feet. To spend your leisurely days well, you can explore the chef in you. An exterior cooking station on the Bridge deck aft comes fitted with rotisserie, Teppanyaki, a pizza oven, and more.

Movie buffs can spend ample time exploring the extensive English & Russian movie library and witness excellent cinematic work unfold in the theatre with D-box seats. All in all, the time spent on the Flying Fox is undoubtedly one of the most enjoyable and unforgettable ever, even for people who have it all.

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