Set sail along with your pals in a hot tub that doubles as a boat

When you’re young, rich and fabulous, no item is too extravagant and no experience too over the top! This certainly appears to be the theme behind the unique HotTug, a boat that doubles as a hot tub. HotTugs hot the Netherlands in 2012 and finally ventured into the USA earlier this year in May. Priced at $24,950, the glass fiber reinforced polyester boat features a stainless steel wood burning water heater. Two containers for drinks, etc., an electric motor, four Zenith batteries, a Victron charger, a waterproof storage place, a swim ladder, two mooring lines, a navigation light and an H-bitt with display and control for electric engine are all part of the package.

The boat fits up to 8 people so if it’s a cool party setting that you want, it’s certainly novel enough. The Hot tug offers a fun and relaxing ride, but if you value privacy, you can give this one a miss considering that a ride in one of these will ensure all eyes are on you. We’ll skip this purchase and put some money in our yacht fund instead!

[Available at – Firebox]

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