A discreet billionaire just bought the aptly named ‘So Secret’ superyacht. The stunning 242-foot-long vessel features three swimming pools, a helipad, a waterfall, and is a masterclass in minimalism.

Superyachts are often described as floating palaces, mansions on water, or high-seas hotels. Yet, in the case of the motoryacht New Secret, the first thing that comes to mind—beyond all the aforementioned descriptions—is a palatial art gallery. This glorious Amels luxury vessel, measuring 242 feet, boasts a fantastic exterior by Tim Heywood and a rich interior credited partly to the owner, as much of it is designed around their private modern art collection.

Elsewhere, the magic of Winch Design creates an inviting and harmonious atmosphere. New Secret has made headlines after being sold to a new billionaire owner for a cool $106 million. This admittedly high price for a pre-owned pleasure craft underscores its pristine condition, as it was never available for charter. Let’s take a closer look at the beauty that lies beneath.

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The ‘Secret’ is out —

A stunning 242-footer, allegedly owned by Polish billionaire Zygmunt Solorz-Zak, is a contemporary floating artwork. This pleasure craft manages to be both majestic and minimalistic, adorned with elegant frills. The boat features three pools: a 26-foot infinity pool on the main deck surrounded by sun loungers, coffee tables, and a bar; a jacuzzi on the sundeck; and a circular spa pool in the wellness center.

The ship’s sprawling main saloon includes a dining area that seats 14. New Secret accommodates 12 guests in six identical suites. The 240 square meter owners’ deck is replete with amenities including a dining area, games tables, an office, and a captivating suite equipped with dressing rooms, a bathroom, and an ample foredeck. The yacht is also technologically advanced, boasting flat screens that descend from the ceiling for entertainment, lights controlled by a tablet, and more.

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Since the 1790 GT boat was never available for charter, it remains as pristine today as it was at delivery. It’s not surprising that the vessel, featuring a helipad and wellness center, sold for over $100 million after just 4.5 months on the market with Burgess.

The earlier owner was a Polish media tycoon

The 67-year-old Warsaw-born businessman Zygmunt Solorz amassed his $2.2 billion fortune with Polsat, one of the first national commercial broadcasters in Eastern Europe. Rising from humble beginnings, he is succeeded by his sons Tobias Solorz and Piotr Zak, who will head the family’s business empire, encompassing mobile, energy, and financial products.

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