Inspired by Star Trek’s USS Enterprise, this 275 feet long superyacht concept boasts an eye-catching hull, helipad, and three jacuzzis. With a range of 5,750 miles, it will boldly take a billionaire where no one has gone before.

Anthony Glasson understands that no matter how big a fan of the Star Trek franchise, you simply cannot enter the world of the eponymous 1960s television series through the TV screen. The next best thing is to delve into yacht designer Anthony Glasson’s trimaran superyacht concept, Project Enterprise. The 275-footer takes design cues from the fictitious starship featured in the hit American science fiction franchise. The head of M51 concepts admitted in a statement, “The exterior styling inspiration was only realized once finished: I had been watching the first season of Star Trek and unconsciously designed a yacht that resembles the original Enterprise.”

With all the trappings of a superyacht, the trimaran is characterized by a striking hull design with angular lines. The sharp triangle form of the hull recalls the show’s starship with a change of habitat. The main deck is where all the action takes place. The open plan area is filled with ample natural light owing to large 180-degree floor-to-ceiling windows. It also sanctions plenty of scenic beauty, making it a perfect location to socialize and enjoy the trimaran.

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A forward lounge on the main deck opens to the captivating outdoor area with alfresco dining and a hot tub. An expansive courtyard sets the vessel apart, dotted with a well-equipped gym and a cozy day lounge with a glass partition for a climate-controlled environment. Project Enterprise will include not only but three Jacuzzis on the sundeck and main deck aft.

Entertaining guests on the yacht is easy, with a spacious toy garage under the helicopter landing pad. This space can be turned into a helicopter hanger or tender garage, depending on what the billionaire desires more.

The sleek Enterprise yacht can sleep nearly 12 guests in eight suites. The best of the designer’s prowess is witnessed in a huge full-beam owners’ suite.

Glasson shared that Project Enterprise is one of his most recent works. ‘I started M51 Yacht Design after a decade plus working in the superyacht industry as an engineer for onboard yachts up to 80m. Living and working on yachts has given me a different perspective on the world of yacht design. I strive to design yachts that are truly unique yet practical yachts that just don’t just exist on a screen but can be built to sail the oceans,’ he stated.

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Undoubtedly, the concept will be lapped up by a luxury-loving, star struck by Star Trek, deep-pocketed billionaire. Proof lies with another Star Trek fan, a Chinese billionaire and an ardent fan who enthusiastically spent $97 million to build his office in the shape of the USS Enterprise. The humungous office of wealthy tech entrepreneur Liu Dejian, chairman of NetDragon Websoft in Fuzhou, has sliding doors where employees playfully use 30-foot metal slides to move between levels.

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