The world’s first supercar ownership NFT will let you own and drive a $350,000 Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series for a whole month through distributed ownership

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The world’s first supercar ownership NFT series named Project Black was launched in Dubai on Friday. In case you’re wondering what on earth is supercar ownership NFT, it is a distributed ownership of a physical luxury asset – a highly sought-after Mercedes-AMG GT Black Series in this case – sold via the NFT route. The buyers of the NFT will get to own and drive the range-topping Mercedes supercar for a whole month. The sale was organized by a UAE-based company named Mcontent which is claimed to be the world’s first tokenized content ecosystem by its founder Umair Masoom. “Our ground-breaking NFT format, Project Black, allows us to sell product experiences to more consumers than inventory allows,” said Umair.

Artist Idriss B and Umair Masoom

The company collaborated with well-known French-Tunisian artist Idriss B whose clients include Akon, Lindsey Lohan, and Snoop Dogg. The artist created 12 bespoke digital and physical artworks that’ll be offered to the buyers of the NFT. “Not only is the concept great, but the car itself is a piece of art. The fact that it is ferocious, powerful, and rare inspired me to sublimise it in the best way,” said Idriss B. Project Black consists of 12 NFTs that have been listed on with a base value of 25 Ethereum (equivalent to USD 80,000). A live ceremony was hosted by the company at the world’s first AMG Kaffeehaus at Dubai’s City Walk, the first stand-alone store from the performance-car arm of Mercedes-Benz. The first three received initial bids during the live announcement itself; the sale of the NFTs will continue for 12 days, ending on May 5.

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