Surf with style on your engine powered surfboard

No longer do you need to wait for the tide to catch up, or the waves to rise as high as you want. Jet engines are now powering your marine rides and you can grab you engine powered surfboard from the guys over at Jet Surf. After 10 prototypes and 7 years of intensive R&D, Jet Surf is absolutely proud to present the Jet Surf that will be showcased at this year’s World Series. Available in 3 different models, the Jet Surf riders can ride this board without any particular permit as such and each of these boards possesses an automatic start engine control unit and system for continuity.

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The Rookie, Ultra Sport, and the Factory GP 100 are all capable of delivering top speeds of 30 mph and upwards and according to the company, there is no comparable engine in the world that has the same power-to-weight ratio. With a 3-liter gasoline tank and weighing in at 30 pounds, this board can be delivered anywhere in the world and comes with all necessary parts and personal training on-site by one of Jet Surf’s trainers, as well as a stand for the board and a bag.
The Ultra Sport will drain $15,600 while the almighty Factory GP 100 will hit you by $19,500.
The Ultra Sport will drain $15,588 while the almighty Factory GP 100 will hit you by $19,485.
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