Behold a 2014 Indian Chief Classic entirely covered in Swarovski crystals

Remember the Mercedes CLS 350 studded with thousands Swarovski of crystals that we came across last year? The car belonged to a Russian student in London who later auctioned it to raise money for charity. This year, an Indian Chief Classic motorcycle has received a similar Swarovski crystal treatment from headlight to tail. Dubbed the Crystallized Indian Chief Classic, the stunning creation is the work of Romanian-born pop singer and songwriter Angelica Ganea. Passionate about using Swarovski stones and adding them to almost everything, from dresses to shoes and even microphones, Angelica perfected her crystal application skills over time and eventually became a Swarovski Branding Partner.

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Angelica Ganea says: “I wanted to stay true to the original color of the motorcycle, so I used Jet Black colored Swarovski crystals. The pattern I used on the bike is not something you normally see in this kind of work. While other people only use one size of crystal, which can make a pattern look uneven, I used many different sizes of Swarovski crystals, starting from the size of the head of a pin. This is much harder to do, but the end result is seamless.”

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Almost 200,000 Swarovski crystals are glued on to the motorcycle and it is actually available for display or as an event attraction. What makes the Crystallized Indian Chief Classic special is the fact that all the crystals were applied by hand and all by her. At some point, Ganea hopes to sell the bike to raise money for charity and help fund Ganea’s music career.

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