Tesla introduces new entry-level Model S 70D with all-wheel-drive and 240-mile range

Tesla has introduced a new entry-level Model S in its range, called the 70D, which replaces the Model S 60, and now features all-wheel-drive as standard in the base model instead of rear-wheel-drive. With a starting price of around $75,000, the new 70D is $5K more expensive than the model it replaces, but adds a second motor at the front of the vehicle and a bigger, 70 kWh battery pack that has increased the car’s range to an EPA-rated 240 miles. Tesla also claims the 70D will do the 0-60mph sprint in 5.2 seconds as compared to the 5.9 seconds of the S 60 and go on to hit a top speed of 140mph.

In addition to the bump in performance, the new Tesla S 70D comes with access to Tesla’s Supercharging network as standard, which was previously an expensive extra for the Model S 60. Keyless entry and Tesla’s Autopilot hardware are also included and customers have the choice of three metallic colors: ocean blue, obsidian black, and warm silver. Options include the latest Autopilot system with lane-keeping assist and self-parking for $2,500 and an air suspension is another $2,500. The Model S 70D gets “a slight price increase, but it’s a huge value increase,” said Tesla’s chief executive, Elon Musk. “Customers wanted something that had more range and they really wanted all-wheel drive.” The Model S 70D goes on sale today and will begin shipping to customers in late May.

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