Tesla Model S now boasts the “Luuudicrous Mode”, pushing it to 60mph in 2.8 seconds

Gas guzzlers critical of electric vehicles had to run for cover a few years ago when Tesla first pulled the veil off the Model S. Every sceptic who spent hours arguing that electric cars are invariably slow was left red-cheeked, watching the Model S sprint with its electric motors pushing it forward faster than the world expected. And now, the Tesla Model S gets faster, thanks to its new “Luuudicrous Mode”. What does this mean for the car? The Model S will now be capable of sprinting to the 60mph mark in less than 2.8 seconds!

For those looking to cross the quarter mile quickly, the Luuudicrous mode now manages the distance in just 10.9 seconds, fast enough to make Ferrari 458 owners stare at the Tesla’s tail lights as it zips by. For now, Tesla has kept all the information in regards to the new kit under wraps and hasn’t said much to the world. From what we do know however, the kit comes with a $10,000 price tag. Given the fact that buying a Tesla isn’t an inexpensive affair in the first place, the upgrade shouldn’t make customers feel a massive pinch. After all, this is a small price to pay for a car that beats down Ferraris, while drinking electric juice.

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[Via – Freshness Mag]

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