The $1.9 million Koenigsegg Gemera “Hybrid” supercar gets a Key Fob concept that puts a stylish smartphone into a physical key

A couple of months back, Apple demonstrated a digital key fob feature at its WWDC event that will practically replace physical car keys with a digital version using an iPhone or an Apple Watch. BMW was announced as the first automaker to adopt this new technology and the roll-out began in July 2020. What this indicates is the end of the road for physical key fobs for cars, which shall very soon be restricted to as collectors’ items. However, ask any automobile enthusiast and you’ll know that physical keys are an important part of the whole experience. But to save it from extinction, the whole idea of physical keys has to re-imagined, making it more functional, useful, and attractive. Maybe this wild Koenigsegg Gemera “Hybrid” Key Fob concept is what we need! The Koenigsegg Gemera revealed earlier this year at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show is an over-the-top hypercar that pushes the boundaries of automotive engineering. Koenigsegg does make interesting physical keys for its hypercars but the latest hybrid hyper-GT to come from Sweden needs something truly special.

The Gemera key fob concept is the work of digital artist Iskander Utebayev. The Toronto-based artist has gained a huge fan following on social media platforms over the last year for creating crazy key fob concepts for high-end automobiles. His latest creation is just as hyper-functional, stunningly-attractive, and sadly a digital design like his previous projects. And the key fob is also a hybrid like the world’s first four-seater hypercar it has been conceptualized for. The shield-shaped key fob has a massive touchscreen display on the front which can be used to operate different functions, including locking/unlocking the vehicle, and Koenigsegg’s legendary robotized Autoskin feature that hydraulically opens the doors, the hood and the trunk lid. What makes this key fob a hybrid is that it also doubles up as a smartphone. According to the artist, owners will be able to customize the smart keys according to their own taste and opt to wrap it with precious metals and stones. Have a look at the short video by Utebayev; it’s simply fantastic.

[Via: autoevolution]

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