The $250,000 Gold-Digger motorcycle is the world’s first bike with 30-inch wheels

Looking for the perfect pair of wheels to splurge $250,000 on? Behold, the Gold-Digger, the world’s first motorcycle with a 30-inch wheel up front and at the rear. This extremely unique motorcycle that looks like escaped from a steampunk movie set, was designed by motorcycle manufacturer Louwrens Miller exclusively for the Big Boys Toys exhibition at the Abu Dhabi National Exhibition Centre this November. The bike is powered by a 20R HD motor and is capable of touching a top speed of 200kph. The motorcycle is dressed in black and gold and uses the 103 CI S&S Panhead motor to give riders adrenaline rushes like never before.

The bike’s frame was built by the Chassis Design Company for Miller and is a one-off piece. The wheels, brake components and the foot and hand controls were built by Performance Machine. The unique handlebar used for the bike as well as the thick steel rear fender is a LJ Miller fabrication. While we aren’t sure just how practical this bike is for regular use, we can’t help but agree that it really is a head-turner. The bike sports a great mix of vintage gleam and modern curves, making the Gold-Digger a machine worthy of Jay Leno’s garage!

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[ Via : Thenational ]

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