The biggest Porsche fan celebrates his 80th birthday with his 80th Porsche

Out of all the automobile manufacturers across the globe, Porsche undoubtedly has the most passionate followership. Porsche fans go to great lengths to prove their allegiance and patronage to the German brand. However, an Austrian man whose love for Porsche is extraordinarily expansive collection is a testament to his incredible passion for the Stuttgart-based manufacturer. In the latest press release from Porsche Newsroom, the automaker shared the story of this man named Ottocar J., who celebrated his 80th birthday with his 80th Porsche by taking delivery of a 2021 Boxster Spyder from the Porsche factory in Zuffenhausen. Ottocar fell in love with the brand almost 50 years ago on a race track. “The Porsche cars simply flew past me on all sides,” he recalls. He instantly started saving up and bought himself his first Porsche – a 911 E in Speed Yellow.

Over the last five decades, the Viennese native added some of the most stunning Porsche models to his collections, including the legendary 917, an eight-cylinder 910, a 904 with the original Fuhrmann quad-cam, and a 964 Cup car. His collection consists of 38 cars, and he is very excited about the Boxster Spyder in Miami Blue joining it. Ottocar built a dedicated building for his prized Porsche collection, including a ton of collectibles such as cups, posters, trophies, toys, and memorabilia from Steve McQueen’s movie Le Mans. Unlike other car collectors, Ottocar believes in driving his cars regularly. “I can drive a different one every day for a month – and two at the weekends,” said the octogenarian. He also plans on going on a road trip on the Pan-American highway in a Cayenne. “When you are 80-years-old, you don’t think so much about the past anymore but more about the future. You look forward to things that are still to come,” he said. Please have a look at the photos of his collection; it’s simply fantastic.

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