Porsche repurposes the seat of the 911 to be a $6,570 office chair

So you’ve stepped out of your lavish abode onto the driveway, but only briefly. Because your bedazzling 911 Carrera GT3 awaits you. And as you sink into the leather and Alcantara comforts of the seat you thank your stars you do not drive a Prius. As your speedy steed winds its way through the traffic and red lights you reach your workplace and take the elevator to the plush office only to find that same old comfortable perch awaiting you. Fantasy? Not quite so. All thanks to Porsche.

The company has introduced an office chair that is inspired by the 911’s actual seat plus a few more mandatory features. It may cost $6,570 but that’s the price you would be willing to pay to give your bottom that consistent feeling of comfort and familiarity all through the day. The Office Chair RS will enable you to adjust the seat height and the arm-rests, give you a hook at the back to hang your coats and a cool electric adjustable backrest that is powered by a rechargeable battery.

[ Available at : Porsche Via : Autoblog ]

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