The BMW M4 GTS concept an M4 that shaves kilos, packs power

If the BMW M4 was anything impressive, here is absolute awesomeness. The M4 GTS concept is an absolute beast. Up on display at Pebble Beach this week the car is a monstrous road and track hybrid. It will add ponies to its predecessor’s 425 engine with the help of water injection technology (of MotoGP fame) that keeps the engine cool by spraying a fine mist onto it. If goes without saying that this gives the turbocharger all the room it needs to spread its wings, reliably. The hood is made of carbon fiber that was employed in the i8 with a manually adjustable splitter and wing.

BMW Concept M4 GTS (3)
All this power doesn’t compromise looks. The sleek matte grey coat with orange wheel accents is something you would love cruising around in. The front wheels are 19 inches while the rear shows off 20 inches. The ultra high-precision OLED tail lamps offer full-surface and homogenous illumination.

BMW Concept M4 GTS (4)
The car, which is still in the concept stage will hit a limited edition production cycle soon.

BMW Concept M4 GTS (2)

BMW Concept M4 GTS (1)

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