The Chilli Island electric mini-boat is the perfect vessel for your Sunday escapades

We all have those days when there’s simply nothing else to do than kick off our shoes, let our hair down and spend some time by a waterfront, in a glimmering blue swimming pool or take a boat tour. For days like these, Chilli Island is perhaps one of the best watercrafts we’ve come across! This electric vessel is small, a lot smaller than the usual yachts you’ve become accustomed to. What it lacks in size, it makes up in innovation. While the vessel looks more like a pool chair at first glance, instead this one’s a full-fledged motorized lounge chair! Powered by a Torqeedo electric motor, available in 0.5-kW and 1-kW options, the Chilli Island uses a pair of 300 Ah AGM deep cycle batteries that keep it operational for up to six hours.

Chilli Island electric mini-boat 3
Measuring in at 8.2 x 7.4 ft (2.5 x 2.25 m) and weighing 440 lb (200 kg), the Chilli Island vessel accommodates two people, for a lazy trip down your favourite water patch. The polyethylene body and fibreglass frame make sure this vessel stays sturdy and stable. The full body seats also allow users to slip into the water, whenever they feel like. For extra safety, the Chilli Island electric mini-boat sports handholds. While the 0.5-kW motor comes with a 40-watt sound system and is priced at $11,225, the models with added upgrades are priced higher.
Chilli Island electric mini-boat 1

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